Knowledge Dissemination to Campus Peers

There was a grant offer from Indonesian Ministry of Education – Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti) for year 2011. I happened to write the proposal and luckily it was chosen to be feasible to get the grant, the one so-called PHP-PTS. It was used not only to facilitate the actual teaching and learning processes with new computers, peripherals, and gadgets, but also to enable universities’s human resource to go for knowledge improvement, especially in the usage of ICT for teaching.
Today at 26 January 2012, I and some of my colleagues engage in a workshop to disseminate the knowledge to campus peers. Most of the stuffs are basic ones to do with computer / multimedia / Internet usages, but it has to be regarded as a beginning of further implementation of such technology for better teaching in the future.tes

Sure, I have more than one batik shirt, but how come at two different speaking occasion I wear the same one ? Sigh! … But the audience are different 🙂

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