First Post Using iPad

Yes, I am using iPad now. This is not to show off that I might seem to be able to catch up with anything new in the gadget world. I just consider myself lucky. With one way or another, I had this rare opportunity to pick anything as a result of what I have done for someone 🙂 So I made up my mind that it had to be a tablet, and after such a long doubt as to which to buy (I have written about this extensively on my other blog), I was confident that it should be an iPad.

Until now it’s very much intact with the original. I am referring to that so-called jailbreak. I know it’s gonna open me up to some new possibilities with this gadget. However, so far I feel like it’s enough with all those freebies on the AppStore. My most critical needs have been covered: reading ebook in PDF, browsing, email, social media, and writing. Well, I don’t play game anymore, so I don’t fill up this 32Gbytes storage device with those time-killers softwares.

One of those free softwares is this WordPress blog editor. It doesn’t look like it has many options and buttons to click. It only comes up with the essentials. I guess the focus is on the written content creation that you can jazz up later with normal computer. And this happens to be the first time for me to blog using it. It’s easy. My problem is still in typing that would need some getting-used-to.

As far as English writing goes, I’m in the writer’s block! I have this pretty well identified, though: that I have to reach such point that English writing should not only be done with heart, but brain. That’s it, when something has gone into the land of heartfelt, then I could just be as resourceful. Unfortunately, not all kind of topics could be like that. Sometime I feel like to write, some other time I just have to write. It’s two different things. I need to be able to do it as I have to, as inspiration strikes.

With this iPad, I think, I have what it takes to sharpen my mind. Hopefully, to write better in English.

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It's me. writing in English.

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