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A Thought on The “Buried Pyramid”

Mount LalakonCall it an excuse of my writing productivity. You name it. But from time to time I always need to go back to Twitter just to find what I have said on certain issue. When it comes for that it’s gonna take time to scroll down to find them. That’s if I’m lucky enough for the tweets are not dated back way too long. If it’s too old, then maybe I am out of luck.

It’s about the controversy on the buried pyramid that catches my Mount Sadahuripattention lately. An astronomical analysis has proved that the two mountain have no alignment whatsoever to any of the cardinal direction. However, there’s still a chance to think that they might somehow be in different position.

Here are my tweets :

01. Astronomical analysis has shown: neither of the 2 suspected buried pyramid are in line with any cardinal directions.

02. However something left to wonder: the ancient geographical landscape of Indonesia at > 4000 BC. #buriedpyramid

03. The question is of course: could it be that @ +/- 4000 BC the mount Lalakon was in line with the cardinal directions? #buriedpyramid

04. Challenge for analysis: to simulate Lalakon’s position to any cardinal directions & compare it to Sadahurip’s. #buriedpyramid

05. If Lalakon’s & Sadahurip carbon date are about the same, then any of the edges of the 2 might b in line w/ compass rose. #buriedpyramid

06. That is with the assumption: mega ancient structures are always built with precise orientation with cardinal direction. #buriedpyramid

07. These are my personal thought: the astronomical analysis could be biased for the shift of earth geographical landscape. #buriedpyramid

08. Some accounts that ancient geo-position of islands of the world were differents with the present. #buriedpyramid

09. Anyway, there’s only one way to make sure if they’re pyramids or just plain mound of soil: DIG IT! :)) #buriedpyramid

Do we have to question as to whether ancient structure should be in line with cardinal direction at all ? IMO, the intelligence to build such a mega structure could be just strange if at the same time it is not with the intelligence to place it within the alignment. So I think it’s pretty well assumed.

As for now, my stance on this is: it is better not to be like an atheis in matter of God’s existence. I keep my mind open. I am like an agnostic to wheter there’s a pyramid within or it’s only plain mound of soil.

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