On Being Lengthy

junkI have a colleage in my office that whenever I caught her talking with someone, I thought of her as having her victim captured. The reason is she would talk endlessly and that this somekind of situation she created could prevent anyone to escape from her right away. Could it be anykind of psychological abnormality ? Well, I might be just easy to point my finger. The problem is, I think of my self doing the same. Not in spoken, but written words.

Why is it so hard to stop typing and put an end on it ? Yes I know I am like that in my tomita.web.id, but it might just be a plague that happens here as well. Do I have so many to tell or am I so resourceful with words ? Personally it’s an interesting question as this is a blog in English, that for one or other thing is an experiment of being, thinking, or looking at things in other than my native language. Mind that I am doing that consciously, albeit that what I called this ‘linguistic switch’ is too much of an imaginary notion.

My common sense has it all covered. It’s always the same though. I could know what should not be, yet I keep doing it. There should never be a reason to be lengthy if I have a focus and that focus is somehow delivered. However, details and explanations are always there like telling me I am gonna be sorry for not throwing them all, …

Now, could I end this here in this paragraph ? It’s before anyone who reads this becomes my victim 🙂 Sorry.

About tomsez

It's me. writing in English.

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